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Why Accept The Challenge?

CDC experts estimate if 90% of Americans wear face masks, Covid-19 can be contained in the United States in less than three months. Three months before our lives can begin to return to normal. 

We're all living through unprecedented times. Together, interdependent, as one. In the absence of role models, we must become each other's role models. During this time of enforced isolation, for many of us, social media and our screens offer a daily chance to connect, to share experiences, to feel less alone. 

Taking part in the Who Am I? Mask Challenge isn't going to make the virus disappear. But it may introduce you to an amazing tool you didn't realize you possess: the power of your own voice.

In less than 3 minutes you can share that voice, start a new conversation and spark the voices of others. 

Why do you wear a mask?

Tell us.  Let's end this. Together.

To listen, hover cursor over a video, tap SPEAKER icon

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