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As part of his administration's Covid-19 response, on Inauguration Day President Biden encouraged all Americans to "mask up for my first 100 days."

100 Days/100 Masks is our response, honoring 600,000 U.S. citizens who have lost their lives to Covid-19.

One was Betty Walker, mother of #WhoAmIMaskChallenge founder Bill Walker and wife of Jim Walker, whose video was recorded on Day 100.

Masks save lives. Betty was infected as a direct result of someone's choice not to wear one while treating her. She died two weeks later, at the age of 92.


100 Days/100 Masks features voices from across the U.S., ranging in age from 3 to 95, each answering the question, "Why do you wear a mask?"


Click the 100 Masks subtab above to hear their voices.

100 Days / 100 Masks

DAY 100: Jim Walker, Clinton, South Carolina
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