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Starting new conversations about masks, one voice at a time.

Fast. Easy. Powerful. Fun. (takes less than 3 minutes)

1. Make a sign that says Who Am I? with the hashtag #WhoAmIMaskChallenge underneath (or print out

the sign from this page). PUT ON YOUR MASK, hold your sign over it.

2. READY, SET, RECORD. Looking into your camera,

 lower your sign, then REMOVE YOUR MASK. Don't say your name, but tell us a little about yourself ("I'm a dad, a baton twirler, etc.), then answer the question "Why do you wear a mask?"

Make it something only you could say. Fun. Funny. Serious. Moving. Whatever feels right. Keep it under 60 seconds. (Don't worry about subtitles. We can add those for you later.)

3. THAT'S IT. Post your video to social media. Tag at least one friend challenging them to shoot a video to keep this going. Be sure to include the hashtag #WhoAmIMaskChallenge.

In less than 3 minutes, you've taken an active, personal and powerful and personal step to slow the spread

of Covid-19 in the U.S.

Your voice could be the one that saves a life.

(COPY AND PASTE these directions into your post.)

To UNMUTE, hover cursor over  video, tap SPEAKER icon

Writer, Comedic Treasure

Actor, Grey's Anatomy

Olympic Diver, Team USA 2021

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